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Hiring a Sales Force that Sells–Profitably

At CL&D Digital we've made our share of hiring mistakes over the last 17 years as an HP Indigo digital-press owner. With those lessons now behind us, I am eager to share my thoughts on how to hire great people and how because we do, we're now experiencing record sales months.

For Dscoop 2012, I have been invited back to speak on this topic in a session titled Profitable Sales Force Hiring, The presentation is Friday, March 23 at 4:45. Click here for a sneak peek of Hiring a Sales Force that Sells – Profitably.

A short list of the topics we will address and discuss:

  • What to look for in a salesperson
  • Techniques for hiring, compensating, and training your sales team
  • Ideas on developing relationships and agreements with customers

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Stay tuned for new titles coming soon.

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