CL&D Digital

Bob's former partner at CL&D Digital recalls, "When we started Digital it was little more than a 'cool press technology' in search of customers. With hard work, a lot of misses, and commitment a market was discovered that fit this technology perfectly. With Bob focusing on developing that market and Digital's production capabilities developed to support those efforts, sales grew rapidly."

He concludes, "In his 18 years with Digital, Bob was a key part of this dynamic organization. His contributions are too numerous to list. Some of the highlights are building a real team atmosphere that rose to every challenge a customer presented. He has been a tireless promoter of CL&D within the digital world. He has helped lead and develop CL&D Digital into what it is today. While all good things come to an end, as Bob moves forward his contributions to CL&D cannot be understated. We wish him success as he moves forward and want to let him know his place in CL&D Digital's history will always be remembered."

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